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Episode 14

Carolina and Emily are in the library to study, but end up chatting. Jo and Adam chat about conditionals – sentences with 'if'. 

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  • What about you – how do you like to study? At home? In a café?
  • Do you prefer to study with or without music? At night or in the morning?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Hi everybody! Home, in days and without music definitely. Home because I've got all of my books by my side and I can use them whenever I want. If fact my books are very precious to me and I don't want them to be damaged while I'm carrying them everyday to library. I guess there is a BUZZ like sound caused by fluorescent lights or cooler and stuff like these in every single library in the world which drives me nuts :). So I can't concentrate in a library.
In days because my mind turns off at 10:00 at nights and without a music since I do love music very much and I can't resist the urge to listen to it,
Thank you very much


I prefer to study at home because there will be a books all around me. My room's always a mess during the exam period. And I like to study in a complete silence, so, late at night is my favourite time for studying.

Hi everybody:

I enjoy listening music whereas I study, I'd rather be alone because that let me focus better in my work. Sometimes I sing, it's funny and makes me feel happy, so I can study and understand in a better way, I love it.

Hi Adam, Joe, Tess, Ravi, Jamie, Carolina and Emily (not to Cameron cuz he broke Emily heart)
I'm JK from Thailand, 1st of all I'd like to say THANK YOU to you guys and to British Council for having the very great podcasts for all of the listeners all around the world specially the Thai guy like me who's really sucks in English.
I have listened to all of the podcast from the beginning until this last podcast but I never comment in any podcast because I'm afraid I'll ruin your language :p
Well I'm here now.. :) haha. I finally decided to write some comments to this podcast to say thank you to all of you and I hope to see you guys around in London as I'm going to travel in London next week during November 21-28 :)

Thanks again and See ya!!

As far as I am concerned i like to study at home i feel more free because i can in loud voice seating or standing i really feel more confortable.

Me too. I don't like being restricted too much or bothering others either. But I do like laugh or jump when I get some point from the study. It makes study more enjoyable

I prefer to study clam place and open place such in school or college ground. When I was in college, mostly I studied college ground's tree shadows.

I usted to study at home

I don't mind either way, but i feel that when i study at the library i achieve more.

It depends...most of the time i prefer to study alone in my room..library is also good.In library we can have a good surrounding for studying and that helps but still i prefer to study alone with my laptop and internet.