Jamie's taken his exam and is waiting for the results. Adam and Jo talk about the meaning of different exam results in the UK.

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  • Exams or continuous assessment – which do you prefer?
  • Which do you think is better?

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I would like to know wish one more correct according to the english sound Abdallah or Abdullah

As Christmas and the New Year approaches, I want to take time to tell you how blessed I feel to know all of you amazing British Council team, Adam ,Rob, Tess, Ravi, Jo, Gordon, Krik, Peter and Tom the teacher. Here’s to wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Hello Nada,

Thanks for your lovely message... and a very happy Christmas to you, too. I hope you have a fantastic 2016!



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Hello to all LearnEnglish team members!

Happy new design.

Hello, LearnEnglisn Team!
You've got a great new design of your site! It works on the mobile devices as well! But unfortunately, buttons "Check" and "Submit" in the Tasks are not visible in Mozilla.

Hello krig,

Thanks for your comment, and also for telling us about the problem with Mozilla. Were the exercises working correctly for you in Mozilla before the new design? I've reported it to our technical team and we'll get that fixed as soon as we can. 

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Hello, Kirk!
I reported earlier about this problem. I found it out only in the section "Preparation" of "Big City small words". But now this problem is on the all tasks.
P.S. In generally, interface have become much more comfortable.

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Thanks again for all your helpful feedback! We'll get this fixed as soon as we can.

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Hello. Very glad To be back. I wish you all the best particularly jamie,houpe he'll get the right degree to get the job. Actually i'm a bit confuse about the two choices.the probleme's that i don't know what is the diffrence betwin the Exams and the cotinuous assessement ? I wish to get the answer from the learn English team or in the next episode. the rules of the univercity wich i went to were those :it took four years before your studies finish, in every subject we had to take three evaluations. At the univercity ending we were divided into many groups. And any group had a theme to expose on for the finale note. After all of that, all our notes frome the First to fourth year were combinened for the univercity ending degree.and i really injoyed those systems. That's all from me to day thanks.

Hello british learner,

An exam is a formal assessment, usually but not always written. It usually comes at the end of a course of study to see how much the person has learned.

Continuous assessment means that the learner is monitored right through and their progress monitored. No exam is necessary because of this monitoring.

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The LearnEnglish Team