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Episode 18

Carolina and Emily don't seem to be enjoying the end-of-year party, but Adam and Jo enjoy talking about 'everyone' and informal ways of saying 'How are you?'

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Language level

Intermediate: B1


I'll tell you a nice joke which I still remember from series 2, to be exact the last episode, Gordon the producer told this joke.
" There was a man hates his wife's car so much, one day he when his wife is away he decided to take the cat away, so he put the cat in a package and take it away and come back home, when he arrived home, he found the cat in front of him, he did that again with the same result, so the third time he decided to take far far away, so he drove to mountains and took it left and right and threw the cat, after a while, he called his wife and asked her if the cat was there, the wife said " yes, it's here" he said " give him the phone, I wanna ask him about the way home".



Spelling and pronunciation of names and locations:

In this episode there were many foreign names. I live in Germany. If I have a foreign name (e.g. a new employee) then mustn't pronounce it how it is written in German, but I must pronounce it like the foreigner would say that name. Spelling and pronunciation can be very different!

Particular locations (Towns, Rivers, ...) are often different pronounced as written.


When I was a child there was no cell phone around and one of our hobbies was to tell jokes . my friends told good jokes but I ve never had a good memory to remind a joke so I had a notebook and I wrote down the jokes I heard.

When I became older and mobile phones became popular, I've started to send jokes to my friends and they've sent me good ones back . It was really fun sometimes I sent messages to wrong persons and it was so embarrassing.

Today I barely send text jokes . I think the shape of jokes are different now . the text jokes are replaced by funny images and videos.

Anyway you want us to tell a joke. As I said I don't have a good memory to keep jokes in my mind. Besides I think most of them wont be funny for you , cause they are about my country, famous people of my country, some of them are language related jokes, and totally they are national. by the way let me tell one of the old banal ones: "two chinese once collided and they broke" as a explain I should say in my language chinese people and dishes (chinaware) are the same.

One man sells wristwatch on the street and says: "Buy my watch - it's an exact copy of swiss watch!" Another man says: "Excellent, I take it. There you are an exact copy of money! "

I´ve never ever told a joke in my whole life because I am such a shy person and I think I am not a funny guy , actually I would like to be good at with jokes it is a good way to "break an ice" among people and of course it is funny too

Why was six afraid of seven??
Because, Seven ate nine.

End of a year party in Japan is not so fun at all, since it is a MUST for employees in a company or other organizations. I remember one year end party which I attended, After work, we all had to go some restaurant, tens of our colleagues or bosses gathered, say toast (for what?), and had to drink some beer or sake or whatever alcohoric drink which I am not so good at. I talked with my boss which I hated, I didn't enjoy at all. Now that I'm free lance, I needn't attend such a stupid party any more, thank you.

I understand you, buddy.

Hi, I'm trying to learn rules of pronunciation of English words/letters, but there are to much exceptions and differents in the manuals which I found with my language at least. There are a lot of useful material, but for example, 'pass' we pronounce like 'u', not as it should be in checked syllable 'ae', like bag, cat or 'ae' not always 'i:' - it can be different like 'e:' aerial. Or "eye" and "are" should be pronounced like 'ei' and 'ee' (grey, care). Could you give me some entire material to learn it once and for all, please?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx it's the most useful article I have found in russian language. Also, I tried to find one in English.

Hi Rightfor,

I'm afraid we don't have a list of pronunciation rules of this kind. English is, as you say, a language whose pronunciation does not fit well into a rule-based system, unlike many other languages. Although rules can be helpful to a point, I think the best way to learn good pronunciation in English is to be exposed to as much natural language as possible, and to practise producing it. This rule is simple: the more you hear and the more you say, the better you will get.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team