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Episode 19

Tess and Ravi finish up Series 4 talking about myths about British people, while Jo and Adam speak about false friends and how to use the word 'actually' to give true information about something.

Tess & Ravi

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  • Which were your favourite topics in this series?
  • What topics would you like Tess and Ravi to talk about in the next series?

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Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello, everyone! Nice to see you ! I have been listening this podcast for a year. I like this very much and this help me to improve my English skill. So, I want to talk a word: ' False Friends '. My nationalities is Myanmar. In Myanmar " လက် " is the same pronunciation with " leg " in English. But " လက် " means the hand in English and " leg " means the part of the body: foot. See! They are very different and completely opposite. I really like this podcast and I'm looking forward to seeing next series. Bye!

I've been enjoying listening to Tees and Ravi, and I've changed a lot of ideas I was thinking about Britain like football hooligan and London red buses.
I like sherlock holmes because I like detective topics and Covent garden I really want to visit it.

First at all I going to miss Tess and Ravi I was looking for some good podcast but this series it was really good and it is really helpful to my English cause I’m still repeating some episodes. my favorite episode that I can remember is when Tess and Ravi talk about Britain music and Ravi start to sing, to me was really fun listen him sing yesterday from Beatles. I would like to hear a new series related with this and if it's possible with Tess and Ravi.

I am a bit sad because I am not gonna listen to Ravi and Tess again, but a big Thanks to all of you for this impressive work, I suppose you helped a lot of people improve their language even a bit.
Answering the question of today's podcast, the most topic I like is British people politeness.
I would be happy if someone corrected my mistakes.

I want to thank you for this great work, It was a very amazing series as usual. Everything was well-done in a way that everyone can understand and react with it. I would say that I was really confused and messy before following your website because it is very easy to use since separating it into different sections due to skills and levels was very useful, in addition to your joyful and fun topis. Actually I was really stuck at the same level for years but you helped me to take a step forward.
Thanks once again, we look forward to a new series.

Hello SamerTJ

Thanks very much for telling us this -- we're so glad to hear that you've benefitted so much from LearnEnglish.

I'm afraid that there won't be a fifth series of Podcasts, but we are working on a related series that hopefully will be published later this year.

Thanks again and best wishes


The LearnEnglish Team

firstly I want to thanks all people behind this great work for me those series make a big change in my English level and in same time it was interesting
my favorite episode topic was about British behavior for me this is enough
I am full from tess and ravie and crolina I think this good time to remove to the next podcast level. I miss tess and ravi and crolina good buy friends


So, Ravi and Tess said goodbye. It was asked which episode we liked best.
My answer: All of them!

At the beginning on my language journey I learned very basic vocabulary like tomato, cat, blue, Monday.

After that I started with the basic vocabulary which contains 2000 words and enables me to understand 85 % of a text or conversation. It is important to use those words with a variety of different topics which these podcasts did.

A very important topic was cooking because everyone spends time with this and at work during my break this is the most often heard topic over which my colleagues talk.

I wrote in a comment that this topic is a very hard one. In fact I don't like this theme.

Bad luck is when you have an oral examination and they ask you about the most boring subjects.

Bye Tess and Ravi

All of the topics which were presented by Tess and Ravi great. Many things got clear. Some of them I knew from school but the rest were a bit tricky. For instance, I always thought the British weather is disaster as there’s too much of rain. Any foreigner might think so, but the native British like Tess explained that in Britain they just get rain all year round rather than just in one season. There’s no extreme cold winters or too hot summers so as the weather is just like in some Northern European countries. The same situation about authentic British food. I thought there’s no any traditional cuisine amid the whole variety of other country’s restaurants and cafes in London. Everybody heard about Chinese or Italian food but nobody saw any British one nowhere in the world, so did I, unless Adam read and talked to about lots of traditional British recipes from listeners commented.
Yet another thing I imagine when I think about Britain is red colour. Red flag, red-clothing troops, red double-deckers, telephone cabins. Many things are red. I wonder where does this colour come from and why red?

Hello and thank you for the podcasts . They are all greate and thank you Adam I like you and I should apologize to you because when I started the 3rd part of the podcast, I really didn't like you and Rob . I missed Tess and Ravi and wanted to hear more of them and expected to hear the podcasts as before. but now I really appreciate you because of the podcasts and I saw how you answer the people comments. It's adorable.

My favorite part of the podcasts is the part in series 1 and 2 . There was a short audio which people talked about some famous people they like. Some of them was really interesting . I learned many things from that, for example about The Simpsons, Zaha Hadid , etc.

I also like the ending part of the series 1 and 2 when Tom taught us the new things about english language . I think the series 1 and 2 were more difficult thant 3 and 4 . Series 3 and 4 are really simple I easily underestand the audio and answer the questions .

Finally , unlike many listener I didn't like Gordon's jokes . It was so dull and boring . I like Gordon but sorry the jokes were aweful.

I nearly going to finish the podcasts .I will miss you all , and I like to hear more podcasts. thank you Tess, Ravi, Gordon, Adam, Jo, Tom, and thank you Carolind and her friends I like Carolina's part of the podcasts too. :)