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Episode 13 - Horoscopes

Julia and Sammy read their horoscopes. What is their future together?



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I usually read magazines when I am in the hairdresser's or when I am at waiting room of the dentist. I don't believe the horoscopes and I don't read them.

I like to read scientific magazines. I believe horoscopes are only for fun and they not must be important for us.

Some people like to relate things happening in our daily life with something spiritual and create convenient messages. I'm surprised to know that there are a number of sites introducing spiritual messages from just an ordinary thing. According to a fundamental rule of probability, I hear a horcecope provides fifty-fifty chance and all depends on a listener's interpretations in their own world.
(≧∇≦)ヾ(⌒(ノシ >ω<)ノシ

I don't read magazines. Today, a lot of informations provide us internet, so that's the reason why I don't read the magazines. I prefer online publications. I don't believe in horoscopes. For me are false but I think that we don't have enough knowledge to blame them and there may be a little bit true. I think that we are free and our future aren't saved.

I think horoscopes do nothing but make someone feel better or cautious. It's like a placebo. The other day, as I was a bit down in the dumps, I got fortune-tellers to tell my near future. Unexpectedly, they encourage me a lot saying good things!! Wow...I?
⊂(‘ω’⊂ )))Σ≡=─༄༅

I like IT magazines that I generaly find online in blogs.

I don't read magazines, I like to read IT or scientific publications online. I think that horoscopes are a little bit silly because they generalize the differents kind of people, so I don't like it very much. ;)

I like reding the sports magazines and news

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