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Can eating fruit be bad for you?

We usually think of fruit as a healthy food. But could it also have some negative effects?

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I thought fruits are very healthy as they carry lots of nutritious components and good quality sugar. However, today, I am astounded to learn the harsh reality of riped banana, and an apple contains half as much sugar as a can of fizzy drink.

The information was really surprising. Before this video I don't know much about sugar and how much we should have it. Now they are clear. What does sugar contain? How does it affect our body? How much sugar do we need and should use? Where can we get sugar from beside fruit? Alls are answered in the video.
Understanding 2 kinds of sugar and how good or bad they are, I will neglect fizzy drinks and junk food more. Sugar contains glucose and fructose. The former is good and stays in fruit, while the latter is bad and stays more in pre-prepared food. I wonder if beer is a kind of soft drinks. I drink it once a day because I suppose its alcohol will clean my guts, and I don't get overweight either.
The veg can play a same role of fruit in giving my body's sugar. But I may need to eat a lot of veg to fill enough volume as fruit does. I often drink a whole one or two bowls of boiled veg because I think they can fully replace for fruit and easy to digest. Besides, I often let fruit be fully ripe before eating them. My hobbies need changing, thanks to the video.

Anything in excess is bad, but there are some that can be worse than others, and in this case, frutose is worst than glucose when consumed in excess, because the fructose is metabolized in the liver.

I don't agree with this opinion certainly. Fruit is good for health but eating too much isn't good. If you eating too much, you will face digestive problems before gain weight. I have never seen anybody to gain weight because of fruit. In other hand, fruit contain less kalo than starch or meat. Eating fruit will help you decrease to use starch and meat in meal.

i really don't suspected about exeded in fruits were unhealth.

Although Sugar in fizzy drinks are the same as in fruits but fruits contain lesser amount

Oh my god! I have eaten so many fruit as my dinner. But for me, it definitely lose the fat. I should change it now.

I have surprised that sugar in fruits and soft drinks are the same.