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How these women changed science forever

This video honours the great women of science who have changed the world forever! How many of these famous female scientists do you know about?

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



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I hope I can see a video for dr.berg

.... unless we have to imply things, by knowing in detail, when and where the particular scientists Meitner and Hann acted [i.e. in Nazi Germany], while Einstein was an anti-Nazi and had already escaped to the US, worried about this discovery and informed the Americans of the danger of exploiting it by the Nazis.That is correct but a long far away from this specific text we rely on to answer the questions we are asked...
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Dear Team,
about Task 2, 2nd sentence,[''Some people were worried about Lisa Meitner's findings''], there is nothing referred about ''people worries'' in the text, or I couldn't find anything related to this.So, I chose ''false'', but it considered as a wrong answer.
What do you think?

Hello nikoslado

This question is true because the text mentions that Einstein wrote a warning letter to Roosevelt. If Einstein wrote a warning letter, it's fair to assume he was worried.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Particularly, I think that the most important scientist in the video is Jane Goodall. I think it because she helps us to understand what our place in nature.

These scientists are so genius. None of them should be the most, because each one stands for a subject of science. Thanks to their groundbreaking studying for science, our world becomes better.
Marie curie drew the first point marking contribution of women on the picture of the science world.
Lisa Meitner discovered the atomic bombs which neutrons bombarded uranium atoms to release tremendous a mount of energy. Today, her discoveries have been used in many fields involving nuclei, such as electricity, military, army... However, in downside the atomic bombs have been an unresolved political trouble between big countries.
And the others, Barbara used 30 years of her life to prove a movement of genes between chromosomes. Rosalind discovered the structure of DNA double-helix, but the Nobel was not awarded for her neither before nor after her death. At least, Rosalind has been noticed for her contribution.
At last but not least, Jane, who advocated for chimps conservation, helped us understand more about the animals in nature.
So, with their huge breakthroughs, they all were the incredible women in science.