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The story of the Imperial State Crown

How does it feel to wear a crown? In this video, the Queen tells us some secrets about her very special Imperial State Crown.

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Upper intermediate: B2


A real or fictional monarch can be described as a royal leader for a particular nation. Example includes: Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth and so on.

There is very interesting movie about monarch: The King's speech. About Queen's father King George VI.

A monarch should be a leader who puts the general interest before the individual. Someone who do not forget that his place is due to those who have allowed it

The Imperial State Crown is one of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and symbolises the sovereignty of the monarch.

Good to know.

It's interesting to learn new iformation about corronation.

A greatest leader, revolutionary thinker, courageous, fair, broad views and intelligent.

As a king or monarch has lots of responsibilities and operate these a brave or honest man must require.maharaja ranjit singh in india was such a person.moreover.on that time he was renowned person all over the world.he was known as a loyal and humble.Also,he never acclaimed corrupt or violent people.however,he motivated the common man.

I must admit I don't know much about this topic but I suppose that a general royal monarch is expected to be able to maintain foreign relationships, committing to important human causes of his country first but not only. It should be a strong values person, not a politician but someone with genuine principles typical of the culture of its country. People under its kingdom should be proud to be represented by their monarch.

I would remember here the late Saudi king Abdullah,whom he died 3years ago.
Saudi Arabia kings are not wearing crowns as jewelry are prohibited for men in Islam.
King Abdullah died at his late eighties, and he was flowed by his brother king Salman