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A nervous first date

Will Simon and Arunima find love on their romantic first date together? Watch as Arunima explains what dating is like for her as a wheelchair user.

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Upper intermediate: B2


love this video

If they don't end up as a couple, I believe that they will become good friends.

Who knows? They have the love for animals in common and he apparently didn't show prejudice regarding her disability. But it isn't enough.

I'm not sure if they make a good couple. I mean, Simon looks nice but we don't know if he is a prejudiced person... But, one good point is that they love animals.

I think Arunima and Simon would make a good couple because they are honestly and they know how is to be singlelong time each other in last . Now, when they are meeting they really want to be together because they like animals , their dreams and other things.

I don't remember to have ever a blind date

I think yes, they will make a good couple, too, though they might confront obstacles as other couples might also face them.

It seems to me that Simon had a little bit hesitation! of course its a tough and important decision to make.On such occasion , in order to not hurting her/him feelings ,First You have to make up your mind and then Tell her/him that you want to continue the relationship.Its not something that you can try it and when you feel you can go no further,give it an end.So THINK and then make an informed decision!
I've never been on a blind date because I dont know whom Iam going to meet and I definitely dont like letting somebody down in case I dont like her.

It's wise your comment.

I think,he'll have some hesistations.

I think yeah, they will make a good couple.