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Wild Animals

Joe visits an animal shelter and learns how wild animals live in the city.

Task 1

Match the descriptions to the video sections.


Task 2

Which of the sentences are true, and which are false?


Task 3

Drag the phrases which mean the same as the words IN CAPITALS to the right places.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


A great story and a useful way to learn.  Thanks for this great lesson. I love animals they remind me at my childhood. I grow up at a farm. We had lots of animals. My favorite was our old dog :-)

Lovely as usual. Greetings

I love animals.I would like to work there as a volunteer.

I love animals and pets, I had a dog it's hard to take care of it. when you have a dog it's a big reasonability, you have to fed it every day, to take it walk once a day...
please correct my sentences...

Hey Yassine, your sentence is really good,
there are only a few mistakes you should correct.
First: "reasonability" - I suppose you meant "responsibility"
Second: "You have to fed it..." - should be "You have to feed it.." - fed is past form.
Third: ".. to take it walk...." - I would rather say "... to take it for a walk...".
The last thing: I wonder if You "Had" a dog or You still "Have" it??
Wish You good luck improving your English!

this enthusiasm and passion to help animals and look after them is really appreciable. I hope one day my people do so and stop hurting Innocent animals .

Fantastic! These animals are looks pretty :)