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Bestival Scene 2 Language Focus

Rob talks about the different ways we use the verb need.

Watch the video and then complete the Tasks.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hi Giuseppe29,

Traditionally, it is generally expected for people to wear a suit to a wedding in Britain, and not to do so would be unusual and might possibly be seen as rude.  Thus we can say 'you need to wear a suit'.

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The LearnEnglish Team

this is pretty helpful for me. the use  of "give a hand" is actually not commonly used when we speak english, we prefer to say it directly, "help". so next time i would like to help someone or ask for help, i would ask "do you need a hand?", or "could you give me a hand, please?". hehe well, anyway, erm, i just want to ask something, this would be off the topic but is there any article, or some sort, that could help me understand the use of "perhaps" and "indeed"? or someone could explain it to me. thanks.

Hi leojh44,

That is interesting, but please know that for many native speakers of English, expressions with "give a hand" are not any less direct than saying "help". They are just two different ways of saying the same thing - both are equally polite in almost any context.

perhaps is a synonym of maybe, and is a bit more formal than maybe. There is an explanation of this on the BBC's Learning English site.

indeed is used with very + adjective or adverb to emphasise very. It can aslo be used to indicate that you agree with a statement. Here's an example: "The film was very interesting indeed."

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The LearnEnglish Team


Hi, in three month I saw all videos of Word on the Street, this videos was very useful to practice listening, I really learn so much.

Thankyou very much

How can I get transcripts from the above video?

Hi CongThanh,
Unfortunately, we don't have transcripts prepared for the Language Focus videos in the Word on the Street section of our site.
I suppose you saw the subtitles for the key sentences in the video. That is the closest thing to a transcript that we have available at this point.
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The LearnEnglish Team

Congratulations to Learn English Team. This site is very good for improve english, first I discovered the Apps,after the site, I like both. Thanks for your help!

Help! I can't open the videos.

There was a problem with our video today. Some of our video clips are stored on a server in New York and due to the big storm there they stopped working. As far as I can see they are fixed now, so you should be able to watch them again.
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