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Seaside Entertainment

Nick talks about the popularity of seaside resorts and the activities people enjoy doing there.

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Intermediate: B1


Hello everyone! I am Brazilian and it is really strange to watch this video and see people dressed in beach. Here in my country the temperature is high mosto of the months of the year. There are months when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. That is why people go to the beach dressing bikini and swimming trunks. I have never seen dressed people in beach before. It was so funny for me.

I like towns by the sea because you don't have to think another thing when you are at the seaside, you can get relax, be happy and you can be like a child, regardless of age :) I like playing games, they made you relax.

You can go to the seaside whenever you want
Yes, because they contain history of their century and the people are curious because of this
Yes, because you can spend time with them

I like towns by the sea because you can go to swimming any time you wanted. And i like playing computer games. Because they help me to relax.

Thank you very much


HI ! The old man running the puppet show said "the way to do it". Is it wrong to use the sentence " the way of doing it"? Thank you so much

Hello apc,

You can use both phrases in natural speech, and the meaning is the same.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I like the way u explain it


excuse me, "One hundred years on" what is that mean in english? in there "on" preposition confusing me a little bit... thanks