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Camden Fashion

Camden Town is a world-renowned place to shop for alternative clothing. Carmen goes there to find out more about its history and what's fashionable now.

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Intermediate: B1


It's a very interesting article about punk and cyber-goth. I never heard about that.

its very interesting, this is the first time i've heard about cyber-goth.

Likewise. :)

I have been never in London, but authors very interesting showed Camden Town, and I feel that I often visiting in this place.

Thanks, These videos are really handy for me.
In my country, Korea, we generally learn American English.
so i think it takes time to getting used to .
and Can i download a app containing the "word on street" videos on android app store?

Hello Hun Lee,

I'm afraid that there is no app with the Word on the Street videos, which are under copyright and not available for download.

I'm glad you find the videos, useful, though!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

In switzerland, we don`t have such big Fashionable like Camden. I find it is great. Everybody can select according to his/her taste.

What's the feminine of 'Milkman'?

Hello Umar Aftab,

You can find both 'milkwoman' and 'milkmaid', but I'd suggest you look up those two words (in both the dictionary and by doing internet searches about them) before using them.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Its a great way to know about different kinds of fashion.