Ashlie is not happy with her flat, so Stephen offers to help her find somewhere better. That sounds easy, doesn't it?

Task 1

Can you match the flats with the descriptions?



Task 2

Type the missing word or words in the space to finish the sentence.



Task 3

Finish the phrases for describing flats by using the words given.




Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


what does Stephen mean when he said "there is too much pink" about the flat

Hello hayaalqasem,

One of the things Ashlie doesn't like about her old flat is how there is a lot of the colour pink in it. When they are viewing other flats, one of the things they are looking for is pink - if part of the it is pink, that is a negative point for Ashlie. So when Stephen says this, he's saying there's too much of the colour pink in the flat.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Kirk,
Thanks for your generosities, I'll follow your suggestion and try my best to learn English.
Thank you very much!

Good luck!

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I'm a newcomer. British Council is the best learning English site I have ever visited. It's so helpful to me. but, some of the speaking speed depressed me. like the first line "Can you pass me the wrench?" in the . I've read the transcript and listening it over and over but I still can't catch any.Is there any tip can improve my listening ability?
best wishes!

Hi hsukunfu,

Thanks for your kind comment, and welcome to LearnEnglish! And don't despair - I'm sure your listening will improve with some practise. I'd suggest that you listen to the recording several times. First, take a deep breath and let it relax you. Then listen to the recording one time without stopping it and without worrying if you don't understand parts or even all of it. Listen to it again one, two, or even three times - again, don't worry if you don't understand yet.

Then read the Transcript (without listening). Some of it will probably look familiar to you, as you've just listened to it several times. Read through it a couple of times or more, and then listen to the recording again (without the transcript). See if you understand it better. Then, listen while reading the transcript.

Finally, practising pronunciation will also help your listening. Choose some phrases from the episode that you think are useful or that you like, and practise pronouncing them. Repeat them until you feel your pronunciation is fairly close to the pronunciation on the recording, though don't get stressed if you can't do it at first. Pay attention not only to how individual words are pronounced, but also to the tonal contour (the “music”) of the phrase and imitate that as well.

As you practise, if you feel tension, take a deep breath and let it relax you. It’s better to practise frequently for short sessions than infrequently for a long sessions (i.e. every day for 20 minutes is more effective than once a week for several hours).

Good luck!

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Listening is the hardest part of learning any language.

I think the way Ash pronounce "wrench" is a bit special, I've heard it lot of times while I read it, but even so it's difficult to understand her, I still thinking, she's pronouncing another word :-)

Anyway, accents are always a funny issue, when I'm watching the videos and complaining about the guys accent at home, then, I begin to think in others "amazing" accents such geordie, or cockney, I've watched some videos and I get stunned, it was a crazy thing for me, it was really english XD.

Sometimes, as natives, we don't speak/pronounce our own language as well as foreigners do, we speak faster and don't pay attention enough to spell properly, because we are sure that the other native is going to understand us.

Great job with this series, is good to see 'street' and real english.

Ashlie and Rob are very nice young people) Video is super) It is the way to improve my English) Really> thanks

is this british accent?

it's very difficult for me

Hi, teacher Peter :) Ashlie said "I can't bear pink" - what is that mean? thank yoU