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Night Out Scene 2

Ashlie and Stephen go to a night club in search of a great night out. Will they find the perfect place to enjoy themselves?

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


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Intermediate: B1


Hello everyone. First of all thanks for the excellent opportunity you are giving us to learn british english for free. I have a doubt about the phrasal verb "warm up". Please check out my sentence. Is that correct or not: "To work in the oil and gas industry warmed me up."
Thanks and my best regards.
Camila- Brazil

Hello CamilaEng,

We wouldn't use the phrase in this context.  As littlemoon86 says, 'warm up' describes what you do before some activity - it may be a sport or it could be something else, such as an activity in a lesson - or, more literally, what you do to food which is cooked but has gone cold.

You can use the dictionary window on the right to look up vocabulary such as this. Type 'warm up' into the window and you'll get definitions, examples and grammatical information.  It's a great tool for learning.

Bes wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi , I don't think your sentence is correct . if you look up for warm up in the dictionary at the right corner, you will see it means that to prepare yourself for a physical activity by doing some gentle exercises. For example : they have to warm up for thirty minutes before starting the match.
I hope that helps to clarify it for you.
Best wishes

I love all kinds of music but it depends on my mood. When i am cheer up , i like rock music. When i get around my friends i like rock music too. Most of the time i listen classical music. When I feel sad i listen very quite music. In any party i would love to listen loud music.

After watching this video, I think Britain music and America music is different. Most of America music I hear is pop, R&B, rap. And It sounds noisier with strong beat than Britain music. However, American music make me really want to dance.

I like all sorts of music especially when it is a nice melody and it isn't noisy. Sometimes I listen quiet music especially after work, but sometimes I like to listen lively melody when I have joyful mood.
Dear Selvi Ferawaty
I invite you to Armenia and I shall organize for you special party with whole Armenian custom. It would be very interesting for you and for me.
best wishes

I really enjoy listening to music. It makes me feel peace, calm, and happy. I always listen to music everyday. Basically I like all kinds of music but I have a favourite type of music. It is pop and jazz. And also I like going to party but unfortunately I never experience having party because I never get invitation to come to the party.
How pity of me. Is there one of you would like to invite me to your party?

That's a nice feeling.

Yes, I`d like to invite you to my party!!!!!

hi every body, hi verycherry,
i do not agree with you!!
i do like to go to the parties, it is fun. u can chat with friend, sing, dance.....etc.
 i like singing, i my birth day parties i sing, every one who is listening to me say that my voice is wonderful.
i like many kinds of music such as rock music, but i do not like pop, classic music like many of people do. but liked the video, now i will listen and watch the teacher rob.
best wishes, sofia.