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The British Pub

Carmen talks about the history and continuing popularity of the great British pub.

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I don't now very well my neighbours.
I usually meet with my school friends.

Thank you

Thanks a lot Peter !

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Hello Teachers ,

Does the frame of reference of expression 'All walks of life' include ethnic origin or religion of people as well , except of jobs and social status ?

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Hello iliya_b,

I would say that it is generally used to refer to social and economic status rather than ethnicity, but some people may use it more broadly - there is no hard and fast dividing line with such phrases.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Interesting video.Thanks.

Hi, I have a question she said "they called it small beer " and then the Barmaid said "Can I get you anything? " she said "No small ,or large beer for me thanks. so what does it mean ? whats the meaning of small beer

Hello Basant Emad,

As the text says, 'The water wasn’t very good so it was safer to drink beer than water. People often called this “small beer”'. In other words, 'small beer' was weak beer that was drunk instead of the (dangerous) water that was available. You can find more information on this here.

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hi there,
i have a question
landlord said, "they meet here for darts nights and quiz nights."
what does quiz night mean?


Hello , I am so grateful to Allah for being Muslim and I don't drink. It 's forbidden in my religion. Actually wine is bad for anyone and the video talks about all problems that alcohol cause to anyone drinking . it's a new thing for me to know that water in the UK wasn't safe . But great that it is now safe and pure. Only one question , could you tell me please what is darts nights or quiz nights? Is it refer to a night that people spend plays darts or answering quiz . Thanks