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The British Pub

Carmen talks about the history and continuing popularity of the great British pub.

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What is  the difference  between  bars and pubs?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask and what country they live in. For me, a pub's main drink is beer and the atmosphere is friendlier, with the same people visiting on a regular basis. Bars are more fashionable, with perhaps a focus on wine or cocktails. Pubs are also more likely to serve food.
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Hi Mai,

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hi adam. you're right. 

sometimes some browser makes a problem. I guess mia had better dowload adobe flash player.

I see, so it is! It was confusing but no more now.
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Have a small doubt.
When the Barmaid asks Carmen if she can get her anything, Carmen replies saying, "No small, or large beer for me thanks".
I did not understand what actually she meant by that. Did she mean she wants a large beer and not small or did she mean neither? Please clear my doubt & also please let me know why the words were in that order. (I'm aware that it is spoken English but wanted to know the HOW so that I and even all who would read the reply can use it.)
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Hi Sagar,
It's confusing, isn't it? Carmen is making a joke about what she spoke about earlier. Remember that she mentionned that the beer people used to drink instead of water was called 'small beer'? She is saying that she doesn't want small beer or large beer either.
I hope that helps.
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I'm still confused. Carmen wants a middle size of beer?

No, she doesn't want any beer of any size!
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