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Paris Scene 2

Ashlie and Stephen do some shopping in Paris - and improve their French!

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We can use expressions with '-ing' to explain how we do things. For example, the picture seller says:

  • I always pick up new words talking to tourists.

The expression 'talking to tourists' explains how she learns new words.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello Primegirl25,

A prepositional verb cannot be separated; the object must always follow the preposition (making it different from a phrasal verb, where the object can come between the verb and the particle (adverb)).

Your examples can be separated, provided the object is not a pronoun:

I always pick up some words.

I always pick some words up.

This shows that 'pick up' here is a phrasal verb comprised of a verb and an adverb, not a prepositional verb comprised of a verb and a preposition.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I did window shopping there when I visited Paris.

I had Yoruba, English, French at school. I realised gender neuter is not used at return to school at six form college called Gymnasium where I had only Deutsch, English and Latein as Language subjects.

My former CAE teacher said, 'in CAE one thinks before speaking'.

neutral unlike in German is not used in French.

I meant neuter not neutral.

At six form college called Gymnasium, I had English, at Staatliche Fremdsprachenschule Hamburg, besides Englisch.

At six form college called Gymnasium 'student'...

'As' six form college called Gymnasium student...

And amazingly I am studying Modern Language Studies at Open University.