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Shakespeare Scene 1 Language Focus

Rob talks about good ways to learn vocabulary and the uses of 'into'.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


hi all you, you're fantastic guys, by now i cannot help but improving my english lunguage, it's my free time, i'm making an effort heavily to get better my skill listening to. but i still have some problems.for example at (e.g. 1.05) i hear rob says: in that clip we've heard several words connected with the theatre. still (e.g. 1.13) some people find useful and easier to learn the words in Group, like a set of words. if you're learning english, where are you going to put these words to learn? in a notebook. in a notebook like this or you could use your phone and write your groups ............there .....until 1.35). i need you help.


Hello rosario70,

I'm not sure what you need help with here.  Are you asking us to write out the text of this section, or is there something in what Rob says which you do not understand and which you like us to explain?

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi, LearnEnglish Team! At 2.38 I've heard interesting phrase, but I can't understand it properly. I've heard something like that: "Then the next time you hear that language you have remembered it", is it right?

Hi nopainnogain,

What Rob says is, "Then the next time you hear this language, you'll remember it". Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

I like it. The man's advice is helpful, I will work with it . But I know most the words that he mentioned

hi everybody. who can give some ideas for what to do during a lesson hour (of english) about the life and the plays of SHAKESPEARE. I really need your help. THANK YOU. 

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To get the pest penefit and don't llose the time.
This is example a bout me and this website,I need your experience in learning English to help me to get the pest penefit thanks for every one give us his or her guide sentence....

Hello AdamJk
I find a lot of information that really help me , I try to listen for one lesson from bodcast and one from a grammar , and
I took your apps, I am going to learn by them also , I don't know if I confuse myself or this's right.
I want your advice, Is there any planing,can you tell me about it!

Hullo there!
My name's Muhammad Moussab Wazzan. I'm from Aleppo, Syria. I'm doing an MA in TEFL (FINAL year). I've been employing ur fabulous videos, stuff, etc. in my classroom for a long time. They are highly effective.
I'd like to thank you so much for this great work you've been doing, indeed.
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