Joe visits the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to watch the Ladies Academy side compete and to learn more about women’s football in England. Will they win?

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What (structure in place)mean

Hello fidaasiddig,

To have a structure in place means to have a way of organising something already prepared. For example, if I want to form a new club then first I might organise premises, design a website, hire some people to help me with it and so on. If I did these things before officially announcing my plans then I could say that I have a structure in place.



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My favorite sports are football, tennis and wrestling.
I think we have to treat women the same way we treat men, whether it be in the world of sports or elsewhere. I don’t see any problem with a woman practising a sport and I would like to say "let women live their dreams". We have to support them because they may have qualities that man doesn’t have, and I suppose we have to invest the same amount of money in women’s sport as we do in men’s sport.
To finish, I think there isn't sport where only men or women play because if you want to have a good level in any sport, you have to train every day to hope for your aim.

I think there is no limitations about who should play in football man or woman as well as in other sports, if women want do this then let them do.
Football is one of my favorite kind of sport there is also bicycling, skiing and skating.

Is it ok if someone says, 'Don't kick the ball sitting' or it has to be 'while seated' or just 'seated' or 'in sitting position'?
and please also guide me about this:
Be standing while kicking the ball?
Be standing kicking the ball?
Stand while kicking the ball?

In my opinion, we have to encourage women to train, to believe in what they want and in particular we have to do something for facilities. Investing more money in girls we can give them the possibility to grow up them a percentage of sport and to be considered evenly matched.

Hello! How to understand "are you treated any differently to the boys..."? It's passive voice and there are some difficulties for me to understand. Does it mean that somebody think that women's football are not like football for men?

Hello LillySun,

As you say, the construction here has a passive verb form. The active form would be:

Do people treat you any differently to boys?

The question is asking if female player are given the same respect as male players, if they are treated as seriously and so on.


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I love Volley Ball, the sport I was practicing as a teenager, but I like sportive gym, swimming, football, funboard, Stand Up Paddle and many others.
I would like to have a job related to sport, may be a journalist.
The women must obviously have the same rights than men. (Teachers : where must I put obviously ?)
I don't think GRS is for men (Gym with balls, ribbons and hoops..)

Hello Stephane,

'obviously' is an adverb that is fairly flexible in terms of its position in a sentence. Where you have put it is correct and probably the place I would also put it, but it could also be the first word of the sentence. In that case, and in general when an adverb is the first word, a comma is put after it: 'Obviously, women must have the same rights as men.' (Note I corrected two small errors in your otherwise perfect sentence.)

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