Stephen's friend comes to London and Ashlie and Stephen show him around.

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Hi there!

I just wanted to know how can I download the whole programs?

thank you!

Hi Kareem,

I'm afraid we don't have copyright permission to make these videos available for downloading. However, since you are in Iran, you should be able to watch the show on BBC Persian Television instead.
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when I travel in abroad, I'd take many photo as possible as I can. I also try to learn about the culture of that country by visiting its famous places, enjoying its traditional food and making friend there.

When I go on a tour of a city, I like to see the most important historical buildings, taking a lot of photos, asking questions about the history of the place and, above all, eating the most important local dishes.

I'd like to ask about  the custom of appointment.
Stephen said "Great to see you Ash" and hug.
I wonder that greeting is too formal for between brother and sister.Probably,I'll just say "How are you" to my brother or sister.Or because,they managed to met in crowding airport ,then they felt great pleasure.
And Ashlie said "Nice to meet you Jazz." and shaked hands.Why not hug?

Hello Uguisu
In the UK when a brother and sister haven't seen each other for a few days, they would probaby hug like Ashlie and Stephen did at the aiport. But when they see each other several times a week they might just say "Hi, how's it going?" or "Hello, how are you doing?", like you and your brother or sister do.  
Ashlie shook hands with Jazz because it was the first time she had met him. When they become good friends and know each other better they will probably hug.  
I hope this helps
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Hello Helen AA
Thanks for your clearly and understandable article.
And  I don't know the past form of "shake" is "shook",You show me the correct word casually.
I have to learn vocabulary more and more.   Thanks again!!

Great! I wish I were in Jazz's shoes! Sightseeing in London!

So, what was the surprise???

wow, this video is so amazing!! Everything is great : the clear sound, beautiful sights... actually, it helps me have a specific view of London which i still haven't got a chance to visit. Thank you for this video ^^