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Transport and Travel Scene 2 - Language Focus

Rob the teacher talks about using the past simple and the present perfect.

 Watch the video and then do the tasks.

Task 1

Language Task

Read the sentences and decide which ones are correct.


Task 2

Language Task 2

Drag the sentences into the right columns.



Task 3

Communication Strategies

Read the questions and select the best answers.




Language level

Intermediate: B1


Dear Rob the teacher, thank you for your explains, you are clear, simple, easy
and natural, you are the English teacher that I always would to have.

Hi English team:)
I have a question :) Could you explain to me what's the difference between:
I've studied English for 10 years.
I've been studying English for 10 years.
Thanks :)

thank u.....

Thank you very much for explaining about the past and present perfect. Now I have some knowledge about the past and present. More power to all the people behind this amazing video. Thank you very much English team.

This is the best way to improve my english that i have ever had.

thank you very much for this site i really enjoy the videos and i've learn many things that can help me to improve my english

What I've got from this part and the previous one that we only
can use Present perfect in 2 cases
If we' want to talk about events that happened in our lives
Or if we want to talk about unfinished actions !
I've been to Egypt last year
James's cleaned his room today

im realy sorry but i cant find any  link for downloading the video.would you 
please tell me how i can recieve the video

Hello roza -
I'm sorry, but these videos can't be downloaded for technical and copyright reasons. Enjoy the rest of the site, though!
Best wishes

Jeremy Bee
The Learn English Team