Amandeep travels 400 years back in time to find out about the English Civil War. She finds out how the war was fought – and who won it!

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Oh, it's really interesting to know how much a language can change throughout the history.

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i will submit to ilets test soon hopefully those essay would help me improve my skills in writing and listening thank you very much very helpful article and efficient

Hi everyone I'm new in this community I found this very interesting I was listening the podcasts and helped me to improve my English. And then I would like a podcast which talk about morals. I'm from Senegal in west of Africa.
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Hello nose_picker ,

I think you should mentioned that you meant the Lanka meaning of 'sister' . In most of slavonik languages 'sister' may also mean 'a nurse' / as in general nurses are women / , but you asked in English and therefore I think your sentence is a non-sensese . Sorry .

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My brother is a sister. is it right sentence?

Hi nose,

It's grammatically correct, but I don't understand this sentence, because brother generally refers only to males and sister only to females. brothers can be used to refer to both men and women, but without the context that would make this clear, this sentence is confusing.

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thank you for replying me..
'My brother is a sister.' That means my brother is a head of nurse in the hospital....
nothing to confuse at all

Hello nose_picker,

I see what you mean now! 'Sister' used to be used to refer to nurses in English as the profession was dominated by women and, in the past, women belonging to religious orders (the term 'sister' originally was used to refer to nuns). The equivalent term for male nurses was 'charge nurse' or 'ward manager'. However, with the growing number of male nurses today hospitals no longer use the term 'sister' (see here, for example).

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Thank you for the comment. Im not professional for the English.
Anyway, just asked the question to not mess you.

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here , in the end of the episode Amandeep says that ' the castle falls to the control of the Parliamentarians ' . Isn't it better to say ' falls under the control ' ?

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