Ashlie and Stephen go to hospital, where Stephen is examined and has X-rays taken.

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We can use the word 'just' to be more polite and to reassure people. For example, the doctor says:

  • The nurse just needs to do some tests.

We usually use 'just' before the main verb in a sentence:

  • Can you just wait for a few minutes?
  • Just try to relax.



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Intermediate: B1


I just need to pass my exam.

I can't watch the video. What shall I do?

Hello ghafouricivil,

We are aware that users in some countries have trouble accessing certain content on the site, including videos. We have tried to provide alternatives on some pages for these users. Look for the link which says 'Can't see video? Click here!' and try that. I hope that will work for you.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I was once taken to hospital with an Ambulance from the youth hostel as a six form college called Gymnasium student while taking an examination in Berlin.

When i want to see the doctor i have to follow simple procedures,first of all i should say my name and tell what happend with me .Then i will have been waiting for a long time to see the doctor.Then doctor is doing a quick examination, listening and take my blood pressure,after that he will be able to say my diagnosis and maybe prescribe me some medication. I can say that i have already had bad experience in my life concerning this situation in this video but i am only stretched my ankle but when this happend i thought that i broken my leg because i was feeling so severe pain and could not walk too .In generally ,if you are broken a bone you will be feeling hurt in your injured part of body and will not be able moving

Hello Teachers ,

Here just below the picture / the video screen / is written that ' Rob is examined and has X-rays taken ' . I do hope that Rob is safe and sound , and he doesn't need any medical attendance .
May be it just should be ' Stephen ' written there ?

Thank you ,

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Hello iliya_b,

Thank you for pointing this out! You are quite right and I've corrected the sentence.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello The LearnEnglish Team, would you mind telling me if it is acceptable when I make a mistake in tag questions among natives like here the nurse says, 'Right, you say it’s your ankle then, is it?', please?

Hello Aung Thet Naing,

Although it's true that negative question tags typically follow an affirmative main verb, what the nurse says here is not a mistake. Positive question tags can be used after positive verbs to express interest or concern about what the other person just said, or to ask for confirmation that you've understood the other speaker. That is how the nurse uses this question tag here.

Some native speakers are very forgiving of errors, whereas others are not, but I wouldn't let that worry you - work hard, pay attention and practise and you'll surely make progress!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you very much, Kirk.