Ask the right questions to find out where people got their things.

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Hello, thanks for this exercise.
Actually, i dont go shopping much, i just let it for the week-end and only for two hours or may be less, i make a list for all the items needed so i can go straight away and buy what i need.However, in some special occasions i prefer  taking much more time in shopping when i need to offer something to myself or to others and enjoy my time.
I think internet shopping is very useful but it needs to be safer.
Thanks again British Council.

Now because i am working i don't spend too much time on shoping as i am busy all the week and i am resting on my weekend so the only thing i am shopping for this days is tea and coffee.
i don't like shoping through the internet, i don't think it is a good way for shopping as we need to look carefully at what we will going to buy and somtimes we need to look more than once before we decide to buy anything.

I dont spend much   time on shopping. its usually on fridays when i am off work that i go for shopping to the market. shopping on internet is good and easy, i prefer to have a look and feel what i buy before i buy. this is not possible on the net.

Hi nadir khan,
I would like to say something about your comment. I think in the internet shopping also you can have look on items. You can check there more items and prices than in the market. In addition you can save your time also. But there may be some proud.
Thank you..

I like shopping but I have not time for going in the town actually.
Since today we have salves for 8 Weeks

It's very interesting story..Thank you very much.
And, I'm doing shopping once a week. But, I can't say I'm doing it regularly because sometimes twice a week or twice a month like that. But, in online I have purchased some electronics items. We can select there good and cheaper items as our like. But, some we can't believe all sellers. Some of them are making late to post the items and sending damage items also.
Thank you..

Hello, thanks for this exercise.
I live in a small village and I don't have many opportunities for shopping.
However I prefer shopping in stores where I can see and touch things I need.
I think internet shopping is interesting, but I don't Know if it can be quite sure.
Thanks again.

Thanks for the exercise. Actually, i have a lot work,  and i dont go shopping much,  only when i need to buy my food. But i enjoy shopping

hello, i do shopping every day and it's very amazing i thnk i'm a fashion victim

Hi all ! Im a busy medical student so i go shopping only when i need something. I think shopping through the internet is pretty good because its a useful way for people having much time spent on shopping to buy anything but now its not popular in my country.