What to say to a boyfriend when he lazes around in the house.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.



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To me, a little bit difference between homemate personality is necessary to push life forward. Think of it, both are obsessive!! If I were the girl in video, I would be more accurate in my expression with the person I loved.

Firstly, I will think if anything is bothering my boyfriend recently and try to understand why he is acting like this.
Secondly, i will talk to him,tell him i love him and ask if anything is bothering him or he just want to relax in a mess.
Thirdly, if he is bothering by something, then I will try to figure out the solution with him, also tell him that i feel worried that he act like a slob and the messing-up room makes me uncomfortable to stay. Tell him i will be so happy if he could tip up a bit. and I will cook him a dilicious dinner while he is cleaning himself.
In the end, I will tell him that how much i love him and joke he might be a creative slob but not just an ordinary slob when he feels down.

I would give her a few kisses and remind her of the tasks to be doing.

I think i would have to be very in love to continue with the relationship. I think the girl in the video has explained herself very clearly and his behaviour is more of a childish brother than of a man who loves her.

:D you are right but this is just a vocabulary building, not a relationship courses

Questions in Task 2 are about reported speech.
2nd question is '' Boyfriend: I got a takeaway pizza. He said ........... a takeaway pizza.
I filled in that space like '' HE HAD GOTTEN '' because, the third form of the get verb is gotten. However, the answer says that '' HE HAD GOT ''
Could you explain the reason of this, please?

Hello Armağan 'gotten' is sometimes used in informal US English in some regions, though 'got' is also used. It's not incorrect in the right circumstances but it is certainly less formal than 'got' and more common in spoken language than written. In British English we do not use 'gotten'.


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I am unable to answer the task two

Hello Devesh Raj,

Is there a technical problem with the task? I've checked it and it appears to be working correctly but please describe what you see if the task is not working correctly.


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If my girlfriend was a slob. I would remind her all day & all night.
Girlfriend is clean & careful