What to say to a boyfriend when he lazes around in the house.

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 Oh dear! Where's the double-click dictionary? I wanted to look up 'slob'

Hi Chris

The double-click dictionary is now back on the site. You can look up 'slob' - double click on any word to use the dictionary.

Kevan Cummins
The LearnEnglish Team

Great! That's really good news.
Thanks for letting me know.

Don't worry Chris - we will be adding an updated double click dictionary to the site very soon. You can still use the old site with the double-click dictionary.

Kevan Cummins
The LearnEnglish Team

It's impossible ! I can't have a boyfriend who would be a slob because I would not accept this situation ! My husband is a very helpful man, he takes part in everything at home. He cooks, cleans, looks after our children... Moreover he is handyman, passionate about everything he undertakes. So I am the only one who lazes at home ! 

If my girlfriend is a slob,I will split up with her.
I hate laziness, I think it is pleasing to work,study,do some housework,do sports,etc.
Life are based on movement.

Hi everyone,
I'm using a Toshiba Netbook and It is not possible to drag and drop the items to the end of the questionnaire.
Is it my computer or the layout of the exercise?
Sweet regards!

Hi Creatiga

It looks like the problem is that your browser window cannot show both the top and bottom of the exercise at the same time.

Can you check your screen resolution? If it is 800 x 600 then it is too low to view our website properly. The website is designed to be viewed at 1024 x 768.

If you already have a resolution of 1024 x 768 and can't see the top and bottom of the exercise then it may be that you have lots of toolbars in your browser. If you have Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar etc then these will make the browser window smaller. Try turning them off and you should be able to drag the words from the top to the bottom of the page.

I hope this solves your problem.

Kevan Cummins
The LearnEnglish Team


I don't like slob person. I think I couldn't share flat with a such person. Actually both persons in community must share housework. But I like when my girlfriend make something fine to eat.

thanks the learn english team. i like it beause it is effective to learning english.  i'll wait news.