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Hello nirmal098,

Could you please explain your problem a bit more? For example, are you speaking about IELTS listening exercises? Or in grammar exercises? In general? Once we know more a bit about the problem, we'll do our best to provide you some useful advice.

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Good tips.

hello i am hawaaa i am leaning english for my ielts exam i just wanted to know what are the best site to improve listening and reading skills

Hello hawaaa,

For tips on using this site please visit our Help page and follow the links there.

For information on IELTS and practice materials, including practice tests and sample answers, please visit our page for IELTS candidates, TakeIELTS.


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Dear Kirk,
Hi My name is Geena.I did IELTS 3 times.Twice I got 6.5.But I lost listening test in the last year 2015 because they didn't give me the headset.They played the listening audio in a hall.I had no information regarding that and I was expecting a headset.Once I enquired they told me that if you have submitted any medical certificate during the time of application then only you are able to have one headset during the exam.Because of this reason my listening grade became 5.5.but for reading I got 7 and for writing 6.5 and for speaking 6.because of this I became uneligible for the application for migration to Canada.I am an electrical Engineer working in the electricity dept.of Fujairah area.I did the exam in Fujairah womens college,Fujairah,UAE.Please let me know about how can I get a headset during the next exam ?

Thanks & regards,

Hi Rose,
As it is said by you that you appear 3 times in ielts exam, it that the first time you didn't get the headset or is that the same in your all previous exams?
Actually i am practicing with headset, if they are not providing a headset in listening exam then i should change the way of my listening practice and have to adopt the way as they are taking exam.
I really appreciate, if you will share more about the environment and facilities of examination hall.

Thanks in advance.

Ghulam Rasool.

Hello Geena,

I'm very sorry to hear about that. I'm afraid I'm not able to help you - it's the local IELTS organisation that you need to contact about this. You might be able to get help with this on the Contact page at TakeIELTS. Another possible place to contact is the British Council's IELTS section in the UAE.

Good luck!

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How I can start my first study of IELTS?

Hello ikhsanul amal,

One of the best resources I know of is TakeIELTS, which has lots of free information about the exam, suggestions on how to prepare for it as well as some free practice materials. You might also want to investigate a course a British Council centre if that's practical for you.

Good luck!

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I really appreciate it.