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I have question about emphatic adjectives

Hello Saryazdi007,

If you post your question then we'll be happy to try to answer it. You might also find our section on adjectives helpful.


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The LearnEnglish Team

That is very useful

I'm really enjoying learnEnglish.I've found it about hours ago,i'm sure with this methods i'll improve my English quickly.Happy new year everyone !!

good tip this sentence true?she has extensive knowledge about her career. Or shuld we use an before extensive? Thankyou

Hi Mohammed.
I think the sentence is good grammatically. Using "an" will make it sounds as if it is a specific or particular knowledge about her career, whilst the emphasis here is on general knowledge about her career. The sentence sounds same like "she has broad knowledge..."

Hello Mohammad56,

The sentence looks fine to me without 'an'. However, it is difficult to comment with absolute certainty without knowing the full context.


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Hai... I have joined learn English few hours ago. I am enjoying it. Well, i wanted to know how the word "literally" can be used in sentences. And also wanted to know what does it exactly mean. Like people say " literally saying...."

Hello Div,

I'd suggest you check the dictionary entry for 'literally' so you can see the definitions and example sentences there. I think that should answer your questions, but if you have any other specific ones, please let us know.

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