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Thank you for your response.

Hi.please help me to fill these words in the blanks. There are the words intensify and extend which we have to use their correct forms.1.The new CEO of the company has........knowledge of the market after decades of being in the industry. 2.Scientists earn that droughts and floods will become more common if we don't. .........our efforts to prevent global warming. Thankyou

Hi Mohammed,
My suggestions are:
"broad" for the first gap;
"make" for the last gap.

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I'm afraid we don't provide answers to questions or tasks from elsewhere. If we tried to do this then we would soon end up doing everyone's homework for them, and that is their job, not ours!


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Good tips.

PLEASE HELP! what do public and private ceremony mean? I searched those words on Internet, but just showed up articles talking about wedding ceremonies,as in private ceremony& public reception. So when we talk about private ceremonies, does it mean wedding ceremonies? I am so confused.

Hello Echo Blake,

Usually this phrase is used to refer to weddings, though it could be used in other contexts, I suppose. It simply means whether a ceremony was open to anyone or only accessible for select guests. Generally, when a famous person gets married they need to decide whether or not to allow the public, media and so on to watch. If they don't want them there then they choose a to get married in a private ceremony. The same phrase could be used to describe other ceremonies too, but weddings are the most common context.

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