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PLEASE HELP! what do public and private ceremony mean? I searched those words on Internet, but just showed up articles talking about wedding ceremonies,as in private ceremony& public reception. So when we talk about private ceremonies, does it mean wedding ceremonies? I am so confused.

Hello Echo Blake,

Usually this phrase is used to refer to weddings, though it could be used in other contexts, I suppose. It simply means whether a ceremony was open to anyone or only accessible for select guests. Generally, when a famous person gets married they need to decide whether or not to allow the public, media and so on to watch. If they don't want them there then they choose a to get married in a private ceremony. The same phrase could be used to describe other ceremonies too, but weddings are the most common context.

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How can I learn English for ielts on website I tried looking for the practice for ilets but I didn't find it. Please advice!


i been here since a while now ,, certainly since i started study for my ielts test
this website gave me tremendous beneficial substances ,,, i submitte for ielts twice last one was in june in 2015 i got 6 over all ,,, now after a year from my last test ,, i prepare my self to study for it again ,, but with more a doubts this time ,, am i too old to get 7 overall
i am 36 now and running quickly to my 37 in end of next DEC ,,, i know it has nothing to do with the article but i might find some one here who get 7 over all in his latest 4th decade

Dear sir i have taken ielts for 5 times, and my maximum score in different tests is as under.
L 8 / R 6.5 / W 6.5 / S 7
My desired band is at least 7 in each module with total of 7.5.
Please help me. i had worked really hard but its not paying.

Kind regards

i have done it twice i seek 7 overall band my highest score was 6 ,, last time i submit to test in June 2015 i study for my third time hopefully i will do well this time ,, apparently we both have same problem ,, we study hard make some good scores in some sectors and bad in others sectors ,,, i dont have time to study in British council it is too fa from my home i depend completely on self study books and i have tones of those and all of them Cambridge publications which is authentic materials ,,, i am honored to tell u that u inspired me after i thought to quite all this after 2 failure attempts ,,, but in comparison to your 5 times i haven't done a lot yet

Hello dr.sajidsallam,

It's very hard for me to give you any advice just on the basis of your scores without knowing much more about your English and your strengths and weaknesses in various areas. I can, however, make two suggestions.

The first is to visit our dedicated site for IELTS candidates, TakeIELTS, which is full of advice, practice materials, sample answers and more. It will be a great help, I am sure.

Second, you might consider, if you have not done so already, if the British Council in your country can provide any other help in the form of short courses, seminars and so on.

Good luck with your ambition!


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I can consult somethings in spanish langage?

Hello pepxamena,

I'm afraid we only allow comments in English on our site. I'd encourage you to ask your question here; even if you're not confident about how to ask it, we'll do our best to help you.

You might also want to consider looking into classes if you live near a British Council centre. Many of our teachers understand Spanish and I'm sure they could help you.

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