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hello everyone i would like to develop english language , because i must to prepare for ielts test , is it my condition to improve and to prepare so better so speaking and listening step is very immportant for all takers and in this context i like to find any way to speaking ano for all interested i am redy because i love it ok .

Hello Nusret,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! I think the British Council's TakeIELTS site will be very useful for you in preparing for the exam. You can find information about IELTS, practice materials, mock exams, samples answers and more there.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Dear The Learn English Team, is there any material in this site that I can download? What should I do first to learn for IELTS?

Hello anisa hafsah nurbayati,

Many pages have downloadable content. For example, our audio materials have downloadable mp3 files and there are Study Packs on many pages. Interactive exercises are not downloadable for technical reasons, and the same is true of our videos.

As far as IELTS goes, you should visit the British Council's TakeIELTS site for advice on the exam, preparation materials, mock exam papers and sample answers. You can find the site here and I'm sure it will be a great help. You can also take a course at the British Council - special IELTS preparation courses are available, for example. For more details about courses in your country please look here.


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The video is not playing

Hello Martine,

I've checked the video and can find no problem with it; it plays on my computer. It sounds like you may need to install the Adobe Flash Player on your device. You could also try viewing this page in a different browser to see if that works.

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Please comment and award ban.
Topic - shopping mall / domestic business

To be true, the topic whether the development of mega-stores in this contemporary world would lead to extinction of domestic businesses drags our exigent attention because of its universality. Recalling last two decades reminds me of heated discussion regarding this intricate topic. In order to solve this enigmatic issue, different strata of society are in the state of schism, critics of either side provide veritable facts, some verdicts in favor of this statement, while others are antithetical. In my unfeigned opinion, I would go eye to eye with pundits, who are in term of approbation with this concept. Let’s zero in on affirmative arguments of the debate

To begin with, year in year out, the trade industry has made significant evolution, and shopping mall culture is at its heyday in recent times. There is no doubt that multipurpose shopping stores have brought more convenience in modern’s day lifestyle. For example, gone are the days, when purchasing house hold items were considered tedious job because of their random availability throughout the city which had resulted to loss of precious time. Furthermore, megastores have play areas for children and security systems as well, as a result of that people are more comfortable during shopping as their kids enjoy games during this time. Moreover, availability of toilets at shopping site is huge relief especially for younger and older populations, as a result of this senior citizens feels more comfortable during a visit to shopping malls. Finally, the temperature in shopping centers is maintained according to a season, and they create spellbinding atmosphere, as a consequence of that, people spend longer time during shopping and purchase the goods after full satisfaction. Therefore, people are more inclined to go in superstores to value their time and money.

On the meantime, after above development, local cultures and businesses are under imminent threat of getting closed. For instance, individual shops and small businesses are unable to afford modern day construction, advertisement of their products and more importantly quality. For this reason, public is losing interest in the local commodities. Additionally, shops in local towns are unable to keep pace with wide variety or products; resultantly, they excuse customers quite often which cause frustration in a buyer. Henceforth, domestic industry in future will no longer survive.

To make long story short, conclusion can be drawn from amalgamation of available cogent views that superstores are more beneficial in terms of easement, and traditional business would eventually die out due to lack of funds and marketing

Hello dr.sajidsallam,

I'm afraid we don't comment on or correct pieces of work like this. If we tried then we'd have no time for anything else! We're happy to provide advice and to clarify points of language, especially those related to our own content, but we don't correct or mark pieces of writing - that is a job for your teacher.


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ok sir , but you can see my writing, and i already mentioned my scores L 8/ R 6.5/W6.5/S 7. now you can know about my English from my essay, are there any suggestions.


Hello dr.sajidsallam,

I'm afraid it's not possible to give suggestions like that. I would need to see large samples of your writing, to analyse them, to see what kind of errors you make in your tests and to consider how best to help you to make less errors and improve the way you express your ideas. In other words, I would need to be your teacher. What you are asking is a job for your teacher and that is not my role here.

On LearnEnglish we offer our materials free of charge to all users and we try to provide some help in the comments where we can, explaining specific points of confusion and directing users to materials to help them. However, we cannot provide lessons to the many thousands of users on the site.


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