Listen to the conversation between two students to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Language level

Intermediate: B1


It feels really good when your teacher explains terms in detail about which you don't have any or few information before asking the question yourself. But obviously most of the time we have to search it by ourselves after we study the topic again

when I am confused about my understanding on every classes,i prefer not to ask any question,instead i search it by myself after class and if i do't realize it even after my attempts,I will ask it on the next class!

Actually it very funny , i liked it .


I wait for my teacher to finish and then raise my hand to ask questions.

In my case, I ask to the professor as soon as he/she let us to make questions.

I ask to teachers or friends but I never ask while the teacher is explaining something.

I am trying to catch the main sense of issue and sit quet :)


I ask the correct answer as soon as I can. It´s very important for learning anything in class.