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agree , I think i've been in a state of flow , I really interested
in this subject , thanks

It is so interested

When I swim I feel this state


Our life is what we think of it!

Thanks for record, it was realy interesting!
I have had experiense of feeling happiness during painting by soft pastel. I enjoy this activity and can waste hours for it.

Yes,I have been in a state of flow while doing an activity.I think it’s called passion in some other way.For me,I’m in a state of flow when I dance.I’m really happy whenever I dance .So,I agree with this definition of hapliness.

So am I, when I dance Mevlevilik!

I have noticed this states in my life so many times. I am PR-specialist. And when I am working at the new project I lost the feel of time. I can forget about meeting, eat, rest etc. All my thoughts in that moment are about the subject. I am sure that it is a way to do all your best because you are so concentrated and self-controlled. And when you are inside the flow it`s look like the univerce helps you!

Yes. I think i’ve Been in a state of flow