Listen to a meeting in which colleagues make a decision to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Hi every body
I work as sales marketing and public relations manager ,so i make my own decisions by taking the marketing goals and progressive objectivesHi every body
I work as a sales marketing and public relations manager, so I make my own decisions by taking the marketing goals and profitable objectives into consideration. I also discuss and welcome new ideas, even I take rewards for each of my staff, who offer new and interesting and practical ideas to improve the work situation and make the work area more and more innovative before. But generally before taking any action in my workplace, I offer the opinions with my boss to get his confirmation and also to have a consult with him.
Thank you very much indeed the learn english team , i appreciate your perfect effort .
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Until few months ago, I managed an hotel with other partners. So, usually decisions were taken together after a discussion or if there wasn' time to discuss about it, by whom was more available in that moment.

How are decisions usually made where you work?

In our Logistics and Shipping Company, we have big hierarchy structure of the organization chart and decisions making. Normally, we have to follow our Company's President (The Big Boss) Goals, Targets and Policies. Afterward, our CEO also gives his specific instructions to all the branches, which is aligning with the President's objectives. Then we all have to follow and try to achieve the goals by completing various the tasks.

Our branch GM also makes his own decisions by discussing the local situations and regional issues with us first to finalize. Then my turn to make smaller decisions as a Sales and Marketing Dept Manager. I also normally discuss with my team and follow by the Top Level Management's guidelines and policies to make my decisions.

David said:
but I'm happy to go with the majority.

In task 1(question 3): Although David prefers a structured approach, but he agrees with the decision they take in the end.
So that, I think the last answer should be the right one, am I right?!

Hello corfiz

After you press the Finish button, you can press the Show Answers button to see the answers. In this case, the first option is the correct answer. All through the conversation, David wants a structure in the project and at the end says he thinks their decision is not a good one, although he will go along with it.

Does that make sense?

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The LearnEnglish Team

Do you mean, although David goes with the flow, he still doesn't agree with the idea and prefers a structured approach?

Hello corflz

Yes, that's the idea, though I'd say he goes along with the team rather than he goes with the flow. 'to go with the flow' implies that you're content to do something, or at least that you have no problem with it, whereas here David clearly doesn't feel so positively about the plan. But of course he's at work and has to work with his colleagues, so he follows their plan despite disagreeing with it.

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The LearnEnglish Team

In my work usually we decide the subjects together.

As a teachers assistant, I don't get involved in any decision making. Once a month there is a teachers meeting with the managers to discuss any issues, projects in place or anything that needs input from everyone.