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I don't have idea about it, but I think with technology and researches we can live there soon.

I think it's hard for human to live in Mars someday because there are more carbon dioxide than Earth.

In my opinion it isn't possible people will live on Mars one day!

Maybe in the long-term? In my opinion, this is possible even in the near future, but would need so much money that it is not sensible.

...How can I think something about it , whereas the special scientists know nothing or they are rather negative with this alternative prospect?....

I don't think so

I don't understand, why is "is 50 per cent smaller" in Mars?

Hello Melyndra sp.
The text says that Mars 'is about half the size of Earth', so it is 50% smaller than Earth.
The LearnEnglish Team

I think it would be possible people will live on Mars one day.That day would be a day there are no any places on Earth for living!!
Who are agree or disagree with this comment?Please share your opinion.

Be comfortable mars, for living on you we should be a superluxury man, nowadays I prefer to think about green earth.