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Yes, of course, I've travelled by air a lot of times. My longest flight was last year from Moscow to Bangkok. It took about ten hours.

I had no idea of the word"Bangkok" and googled......

Hello aaronjone, I just saw your comment. Bandkok is the capital of Thailand. It's situated very far from my cuty. So it was a long-haul flight. My trip took about fourteen hours with a stopover for about two hours in Moscow.

Yes I have trabelled by air. My last trip was from Miami in the US to Sao Paulo in the Brazil, it took 9 hours flying. That went well, and even the meal was tasty.

Yes, of course.

I have travelled many times. The longest flight I have taken was from Gran Canaria to Bucharest and it took almost five hours.

Yes, I have. I like travelling by plane. My longest flight took about 3 hours, it was from Minsk to Rome

How I can choose more than one answers in task 4? When I try to add more than one word my second word replaces the first and the first word disappears

Hello Nataly Nat,

To complete an exercise like Task 4, you have to first click or press on the word you want to move. Then click on the box where you want it to go. (That much I think you already managed to do.) Then, when you want to add another word to a box, you must click on the word you want to move and then click on the small hand (at the right side) of the word that is already in the box. Then the new word should be added to the box.

It's actually very easy, though it's a little difficult to describe. If you need me to explain it again, please don't hesitate to ask.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

unfortunately, I faced the same problem in task four. I could to select only one word on the space .
best regard
English learner