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Is the pavement the area of the street where the persons walk?


Yes, that is correct. A good tip for checking the meaning of nouns like this is to use Google image search.



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Is it wrong to say : bus station instead of bus stop ?

Hi Abfalter Cristian,

A bus station and a bus stop are two different things. A bus stop is often just a space on the side of a street or road where a bus will stop for a moment to pick up or let off passengers.

A bus station is usually a building and many buses park there for longer. A bus station is usually where you go to find a coach or bus that will make a longer trip, e.g. outside the city, though that is not always true.

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i can see crossroads,traffic lights,crossing,signposts,of course roads :D so all of them.

In my town there are a lot of traffic lights and they work coordinatly to control traffic

I have driven in France towns last year, there were many many roundabouts.

i can see pavements , also there are a roundabout and crossroads.

I can see roads near my home and a bus stop where people are waiting for buses, there is no traffic lights despite there is a crossroads, drivers usually adjust to void traffic. Near the bus stop there is a roundabout yet no crossing so walking people are crossing anywhere on the road and that make the road unsafe because there is a high risk of accident to occur.

I can see street lignts, roads and busstop.