What's the difference between a 'crossing' and a 'crossroads'? Do these exercises to help learn words for the things around your town and find out!


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There is a lot of noise from the road in front of my house. First when I moved there , I had the feeling that I couldn't sleep but it's ok now , I'm used of it.

In my city, i see many traffic lights, signposts, bus stop, pavement. In some place its doesn't work. In the roundabout awayls traffic jam about 5 p.m-6 p.m

Unfortunately in my country in a majority part of pavement and road are in a bad conditions with a lot of garbage on the street , people haven´t education to keep our street and places clean . and our governing haven´t been stewardshiped to fix and maintenance our pavement and road

Crossroads, traffic lights, and corner just within 100 meters from my house, i hate traffic and roundabouts. Pavement generally I'll see in public park.

In my street has street lights, pavement and in the end of the street has a square with trees and a crossroads.

Most of mentioned things are not common in my village.except street lights,crossroads,roundabout,traffic and square.rest of things are available.

On México city always is a lot of traffic. In some palces of the city the street lights doesn´t work, and it make the city looks dangerous and ugly. But it has a lot of cool things. In center of sity there is a lot of squres and some streets are bulited only for people on foot, we have a lot of places to walking and buy differents things.

My home isn't near the crossroads.

Near my home I see a crossing, where walkers can cross the street whitout risk; by now, fortunately, drivers get used to stopping when they see a walker; there's also a crossroad, because four streets intersect.

In Japan, traffic is always heavy and one thing I think it's good in Britain is that you have roundabouts. It's a wise system where traffic is not so heavy. Recently Japan at last introduced the roundabouts system in the countrysides.