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Oh Mr. Kirk, Can you make a suggestion for me, please? I want to learn more about grammar in this site. So, which one is better for the beginner like me, the 'English grammar' section one or the 'Quick grammar' one? Well, I think I've got enough time to learn.

Hello Ferdiana,

I would actually suggest using some our listening or reading skills pages more than using our grammar section. Both the English grammar and Quick grammar sections are references -- they are not organised as lessons, they are more like a dictionary that you check in. I'd suggest trying LearnEnglish podcasts (audio) or Word on the Street (video): both have native speakers speaking about different topics and there are transcripts of what they say plus grammar, vocabulary and comprehension exercises to help you learn from them. When you want to know more about the grammar in one of those exercises, you could then look for more information in one of our grammar sections.

Or you're also welcome to ask us!

By the way, a 'bidet' is something people use to clean themselves instead of using toilet paper. If you do an internet search, I'm sure you can find a photo of one.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Wow, What a helpful chap! Thank you very much, Mr. Kirk. It's Brilliant!
Now I'm ready to learn English.
love you.

Hello Mr. Kirk,
Thank you very much. Love you.

In italy we have also the bidet to clean ourselves, in other country the people don't do that

The bidet? What's that?

a tap next to the toilet to wash the buttocks.

There are three bathrooms in my house. Each floor has a bathroom. My bathrooms haven't any bath. The bathroom in the second and third-floor is same with a toilet, a washbasin, a mirror and a shower but the bathroom in the first floor is different. The toilet and the washroom is sepatate.

In our house, bathrooms and toilets are separated and the washbasin is in the toilet.

I also have a shower-gel :)