Are you ready to go to the beach? Do these exercises and learn vocabulary to talk about the beach.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


I live near with the beach. I like go for a walk on the beach when there are strong wind and big waves. It is so beautiful. Also I like to meet dawns and to see off the sunsets.

I'm living near Mediterranean Sea and I like to go to the beach with my childrens because they enjoy a lot playing with the waves, swimming and building sandcastles. Sometimes we play with the ball or beach racquets too.
It's a fun way to spend the day.

I was at the beach last Sunday. I swam, walked around the lake and relaxed.

Recently, I heard that greasy sun cream is banned to use at the beach because it destroys coral reef.
BTW, I like to swim in the sea around!

in these days I will go to the beach,, I would like to pick up shells and building sandcastles, in addition to eating seafood.

I'm not a junky of going to the beach. I like to chill out, but not in this way.
Moreover, I get sunburns easily, and I feel oily and greasy and then uncomfortable when I put on sun cream!

I don't remember exactly when was the last time I went to the beach. Nevertheless, I'm going to talk about the beaches in Ecuador. It`s a country near to my loved Colombia. They have many beautiful beaches and you can visit them easily. We went with my daughter to had fun and pass the new year long time ago. It's was wonderful because they celebrated with pyrotechnical demonstrations and used to had a monigote with them to burned all the situation in the past year; the used to be in the shore.

I like a challenges so if i go to the beach i'd like to do some a beach sport. Eat some food is also a best choice you have to do in the beach.

When I go to the beach I love swimming, pick up some shells, and sleeping on the sand. I don't have a surfboard, I prefer walking in the waves. I always have sunglasses and a hat to protect me from the sun, and I use an organic suncream

I don´t go to the beach very often , actually I don´t enjoy the beach like before when I was younger , when I was youth I used to go to the beach and spent all day there under Sunshine and used sun cream all over my body to got tan , but today I haven´t got patience to do it anymore