Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


i hate driver at rush hour, but i enjoy drive in hightway when i and my familiy go to Acapulco


I know how to drive any kind of car and i m familiar with automatic and manual gear and also I have good knowledge regarding the car parts and the differents accessory.
What i don t like is to getting stuck in the traffic.

i have company provided car, It is I am using for company related works,
So I have an idea about almost car parts and accessories. That is I achieved above mentioned exercise task.

I've my driving licence...and all my points! I use my car everyday to go to work and fortunatly, I don't have too much traffic early in the morning. I d'ont like very much driving but I like to be independant with my car and to go wherever I want.

Absolutely I knew driving, I learned it when I was in college and it's amazing to have your own car because you can go to places that you want. One thing that I really didn't like about driving is when there's traffic on the road which consumed a lot of time.

yes I knew
I hate the truffic and rush hour
I like driving long journy

I don't like getting stuck in traffic, (。ŏ_ŏ。)
but like driving on empty roads listening to music. ٩( ‘ω’ )و

i got my driver license two years ago, so clearly i know how to drive and i'm enjoy driving.

I don't particularly like to drive but I live in the countryside and having a car is necessary.

I have driver licence bud I don't drive often because I have no my own car.