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yes i know how to drive and i like driving in mountain raod but driving in traffic jam and warm weather is exhusting.

I don't know how to drive

At this moment I am studying to take the driver's license

I can't driving...but I want
So now I'm starting for learning driving knowledge

I know how to drive . when i was 12 years old i learn driving and until now that is more then 25 years which i driving . i love it . i hope one day i drive one of the formula 1 cars .

Hello! Yes I know how to drive. And I like só much, I usually drive every day. The only thing that I really dislike is the traffic jam, it is very boring.

I have a drive license, but I don't practice as I should. As I live in a big city, I think the traffic is a little bit terrifying, so I've never driven since I got my license. Now I've just moved to another city, so maybe I'll have some courage to do it.

Yes, I can drive a car. I have got a driver's license three years ago. The first time I worried when I drove the car. But now, driving is giving to me a lot of satisfaction. The traffic is not heavy in my town. I use the car every day, I go to work, to shops, to school to my child and to visit my friends and perents. It is so comfertable to use the car because i can do more during day.

Hi! I am 22 years old, but I don't drive. First, I'm looking for a job to pay a driving school. I am so excited to drive my own car and travel over my country. Oh, I forgot to say that I'm from brazil! Thank you!

Theoretically I know how to drive but not in practice. I will learn soon and I will continue using public transport for the moment.