Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.


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Intermediate: B1


Yes sure, I like to driving , however, the only thing that I'm not like it in driving, it's the way of some crazy driver in some country other than the driving is must and important to our life

I don't know how to driving, eventhough I had taken a driving course years ago.

I think most of the people know how to drive, but a few of them are good drivers!

Of course I know how to drive both of car and motorcycle, but I prefer the second one beacause I feel free and trafic jam doesn't worry me !

I know to drive, I like it but it could be exhausting for example when you do it for many hours, or could be stressful when you get stuck in a traffic jam.

if you follow the traffic rules normally you can drive well

I don't know how to drive and I wouldn't like to know. I think that is exhausting.

so good

It was very good

i know how to drive a little bit. i learned it from my is not easy,but i like driving.i hate is "how to park "