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I used to say: "windshield", i didn't know the word " windscreen". Please, could someone tell me if i was wrong by saying "windshield" instead of "windsceen"

Hello jau20,

Both are correct. 'windshield' is American English and 'windscreen' is British English, but most Americans will understand 'windscreen' and most people in Britain will understand 'windshield'.

By the way, the Cambridge Dictionary is a good resource to check if you have other questions like this one.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

thank you Kirk

i can drive and love driving alone, and i loved the topic its really helpful to know new words about the car, but what i dislike in driving when other drivers not use the turn signals it distracting me.

that is distracting me

Yes, I do know how to drive :) Most of the time i like to overtake other vehicles and drive fast. But i don't like to drive in traffic times. That's all :)

Yes, I do, but I only know how to drive motorcycle, I like driving motorcycle because you can arrive early to everywhere. I don't like the public transport in my country so I prefer driving motorcycle.

Hi, Lusipuentesvega,
I agree with you. In fact, I don't have any car. It spends a lower cost than a car one. Besides that, I can ride my motor through a traffic jam, of ourse that it can not be done by a car.

I like driving , I love the cars my favourite one us Audi A6 , I learned driving since 9 years ago but I didn't drive alot my dad didn't allowed me because I had an accident one day , I dont like driving fastly it's to dangeours.

i learned driving since 9 years or i learned driving 9 years ago
so dangerous