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This course is very helpful. Tank you

yes , i like driving. It's amazing thing to do. I feel good while controlling the car, running on the road and cutting long distances in a short time. It is so good when there is no overcrowding but in a traffic jam the driving is considered a piece of hell. Driving learn us focusing , attention, patience and rapid decision making.

Hm..., I wish that I can drive a car someday. For a while, I just ride a motor cycle. It spends most cost to have a car here, in my country, Indonesia. However, someday, I try to drive a car by myself. Perhaps, one of my friend who owns car is kindly to train me how driving a car correctly.

I like driving, it's saves you a lot of time and you can go anywhere you want at anytime, what I don't like if there is traffic , and I don't like people who don't follow the rules while driving putting other people lives at risk.

I do not know how to drive, I think driving is very important for every body eligible for driving license because it can save time, and is necessary in some emergency situations, I dislike others mistakes in driving and of course traffic problems.

i know how to drive forsure , driving is very easy, super fun , i like it

I know how to drive. I got my driving licence when i was 22. Firstly ,i felt scare but now i'm ok and enjoy driving. I dislike aggressive drivers for instance : when i'm driving someone weaving through trafic or cut me off.

I drive and I like to drive. Driving gives me freedom. I can go whenever and wherever I wish.

I know how to drive a car and a motorcycle, and I like it. It saves a lot of time. I can do shopping, visit distant places, take someone to hospital or visit my family more often. I was driving in Poland, where people drive on the right side of the road. In the UK it sometimes stresses me, and after a long drive here (in UK), in Poland I have (first few minutes) a problem remember to turn right at the roundabout. In Poland I like that there are more vertical road signs - the traffic does not cover information, or snow, or other obstacles.

I drive car and motor cycle but i dislike driving