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Yes, I know how to drive. I dislike the excess of traffic.

I like driving car but I don't have one.

Yes, I do, but I dislike driving.

Driving it's one of my favorite. I like driving by long roads thought big fields

I think driving is very relaxing, a moment to be alone, focussed in the road, quiet. Your bests (day memmories, time to rest and be in peace, in silence or maybe listening music you like) and your worsts (if another driver nearby makes a dangerous movement in front of your car...) rise when you drive

Yes, I know how to drive. I drive only on the highway and not so crowded road. Because I scare to hit someone. Actually, I seldom drive.

What does it means ?

Hello Eric LOUSSAUT,

I'm afraid I don't understand the question. Which word or phrase are you asking about?


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I know how to drive but I don't know why it scares me when I am behind the steering wheel :/

Yes, I know how to drive. But I dislike the trafic jam in my city. It is terrible because we have many motorcycle drivers and they don't have any control and they advance in any direction, so it is so difficult pay attention for car driver in all directions.