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Yes, i know hoy to drive cars, and I really like it. Currently I am also learning to drive motorcycles.

yes, I know how to drive, and I have my personale car, but I'm not a car lover, and I really don't like driving.

I love it.

Do you know how to drive? What do you like or dislike about driving?
Yes I know how to drive. I like to drive but not in long journeys.

i do like driving and i am the in the process of learning driving

I like to drive when there is not much traffic,I'm really scared to drive when is foggy or the streets are frozen. In those cases I used the car only when I strickly need it.

Do you know how to drive? What do you like or dislike about driving?
I know how to drive for sure .. i like the feeling of owning a car and being away from all the crowd and i do hate the crowd :D

I have plan to get a drive license this year. It's really important for me to get a car because in my country commun cars are not comfortable at all.

I got license car last year. I hardly ever drive car because i dont have one. In my country, motor bike is more popular than car. Car is a little bit expensive so only rich people who can afford cars. Driving car is less dangerous than driving motor bike. But there are some problems due to bad road or driver attitude and behavior.

I like driving and am lucky to learn driving from my childhood itself. My father is a driver by profession. Even though he drivers all the vehicle from Motor cycle to heavy vehicle, he specialized in driving heavy vehicles with 06 wheels. He is holding Indian Driving license and took it from his very young age, of course after 18 years old.
By saying the above, you may think that why I am saying about my father here. Yes, there is a reason for that. My father who thought me driving. As I mentioned earlier, he is a driver by procession. Those times, he was driving a vehicle called 'Man'(It was a heavy truck which was using to transfer construction items from one place to another place)
As part of his duty, he had to drive long distances to shift items. I used to join with him. While he drove the Vehicle, I sat near to him. He used to handover the steering wheel slowly. it was a wonderful experience for me. In the initial time he didn’t offer the steering wheel completely and in later stage by gaining the experience he used to give the steering wheel completely.
The days gone but unfortunatly I couldn’t learn the driving completely during that period as like every student I also had to move from my home place for my education purpose. But my father ensured me that once I back from the college he teach me the driving completely. At the age of 24 I became a licensed driver. I took the driving license with the help of a driving school as the process to apply for the license is very easy rather than applying individually.
Mostly I drive cars with four wheels. I like to drive the vehicle in 40-80 km speed. If the road is not rush I wish to drive even 90 -100 km speed. It totally depends upon the road condition and traffic. While I drive, l always watch the side mirrors. Which helps me to understand the position of my vehicle on the road. I also like to drive the car while it’s raining. I put on the wiper and headlight while raining.
When we travel, the boot of the car would be full; we fill all the necessary travel items inside the boot. Sometimes we open the bonnet and pour the water in the battery during long drive. Personal attention is very important while driving. I always make sure to put on the turning signals if I want to turn to any direction.
I don't like to drive for a long time or continues drive as I feel tired which may affect my concentration while driving. It makes me very upset as I could not see the bumper from the driver seat, especially when I drive in very congested traffic.
I suggest everyone to learn driving. It is very necessary for our fast life. This is an additional skill everyone should gain. the another important thing is that driver carefully, which not only save your life but others too.