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I like to drive along a road in a mountainous area which is surrounded by large trees when the blanket of fog lay over the road while listening to light music!!!

Yeah, boy, I know how to drive! Most of all, I like travel by car, this helps me dream of future life.

This activities help me to cultivate my brain.
I have a question.whats the difference of this two? THIS and THESE.

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Hello heartbeatES,

The difference is quite straightforward: this is the singular form and these is the plural form. For example:

This is my cat. [one cat]

These are my cats. [more than one cat]


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Yes, i know how to drive. The best thing about driving that i like most is driving on highway roads and the bad thing is turning without giving turn signals.

I dont know how to driving yet. But i want to learn it in the soonest time. But if i knew driving most probabaly i wont like to park , its really hard :)

I know how to drive but I don't have the license to drive yet.

yes , I know how to drive , I like travel by my car

Yes, i know how to drive the car. I had a car and i like to travel with my car.

hi friends, I know how to drive and I like to drive listening to music.