Learn words for different containers by doing these exercises.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


I usually use bottles as containers specially for watter. And I prefer the glasses ones.

I usually use a tin jar or carton.

I use lots of bottles and boxes.
The bottles are used because of drinking water and boxes are used for packing the pizza carry them.

I think that most of people are using all kinds of countainers. But, in fact that we use water as a principal drink so a bottle is used mostly ...

I sometimes use bowl for keep my soup

Jar, jug, carton, tin, can, box, tube, tub, bottle, bowl,

In my daily I use mostly packets, cartons, bottles and tubs.

I usually use packets, tubs and bottles.But now I am trying to decrease using of this staff because of ecological situation.

I use bottle, tube, can, jug and jar.
Bottle as container of water, tube as container of toothpaste, can as container of tuna, jug as container water at food time and jar as container jam.

I often use a bottle for containing aloe juice.