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I usually eat banana , apple , pineapple and pear , but pineapple is my favourite one sometimes it is a bit bitter , I´ve never ever taste pomegranate and lychee

My favorite one all of fruits is apple. I hate melon and never it.

My favorite fruit is strawberry, I love it!

I wanted to be a stag beetle on a slice of watermelon. :)

Oh my god!
I've never seen such a pink lychee!!
I only know that it's brown.
"It must be old or rotten at the core..." a person from China told me the other day....

Hi , Wow I've never eaten lychee and Guava. they seem be tasty and delicious. I'm so eager to taste them.

I lived in a small city many years ( when I was a child) . In that city we had a large garden. There were many fruit trees in our garden, like pomegranate,lemon ,palm,nectarine, clementine and orange.

I like any kind of fruit......ପ(⑅ˊᵕˋ⑅)ଓ

I like all kind of fruits, I eat them early in the morning with breakfast, often: nectarine, water melon, papaya, clementine, kiwi. With minor frequency: pomegranate, cherry and guava. And in very few opportunities: blueberry and fig. The passion fruit only in mixture with other drinks because is very acid.