Learn more words for different kinds of fruit using these exercises!

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Intermediate: B1


I like lychee, which can't eat seek. My wife prefer papaya whenever she goes shopping, she will take them home. In revert, my daughter love passion fruit which she can make a glass of water fruit.

I DON'T like fruit, but just like red or black grapes

It's hard to remember those.

I wonder if coconuts are fruit or vegetables???
( ⁰̷̴͈ ֊ ⁰̷̴͈ )

i liked this lesson it was useful, i knew a new kind of fruit like lychee

I like Fruit Basket!


I eat some fruits and some not.

I like all kind of fruits, I eat them early in the morning with breakfast, often: nectarine, water melon, papaya, clementine, kiwi. With minor frequency: pomegranate, cherry and guava. And in very few opportunities: blueberry and fig. The passion fruit only in mixture with other drinks because is very acid.

I like any kind of fruit......ପ(⑅ˊᵕˋ⑅)ଓ