Learn more words for things you can find in a kitchen by doing these exercises.


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soap for hand wash, tower, kettle, cutting board, sand clock...etc.
BYW, do you have Kitchens1 as well, admins?

Thank you, Peter! Good luck with your work! :)

Oh, I found Kitchens1 in the basic vocabulary section! Thanks! :)
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kitchen tools

the things that i use in the kitchen are: Saucepan, frying pan, sink, and sponge. Some things there are not in the list like: Blander, knife and mixer.

I often use the fridge to catch things like milk and the microwave to heat them. Then I use the sponge and the sink to wash the cup. I also use dish, fork, spoon and knife.

The most thing I use in the kitchen is the fried pan and oven, because i like cook. In sauce pan I make pastas. The most thing I don't like is sponge, so I often use dishwasher.

Dear Sir
Thank you for answering about the apostrophe. Now I need your help to clarify this.
in many countries in the world people use 'O K' specially in English speaking countries
It means 'all right / every thing in order so my question is 'what is O and K stand for
a few decades ago I heard over the radio: O stand for 'ola and K stand for kala
meaning 'all in order' or some thing similar. The language is Greece used by the crew to say to their skipper all in order 'ola kala' so 'ok' was formed like that.
Please let me know whether what I heard is correct or not. Since I am very keen to
know what I heard is correct.
Thank you.
Andrew international

Hello Andrew international,

The answer is that nobody knows for sure how the phrase originated. There are many theories, ranging from an inversion of KO (as in 'knockout') to a corruption of the military phrase 'all clear', to a slogan from an American presidental campaign by President Van Buren in the nineteenth century. If you seach the Internet for 'OK origin' then you'll see many different theories.



The LearnEnglish Team